Corporate or Business Law

Creating and running a business can be a very rewarding process.  It is important to set up your business with a mind to all of the legal rights and obligations that pertain to various types of business entities that you can utilize.

Nevada has a very business-friendly climate and many successful business owners have opted to register their business in the state of Nevada to take advantage of the lack of inventory, gift, estate, franchise and similar state taxation that occurs in other jurisdictions.   The state of Nevada also provides generous legal protection to its Officers and Director and affords some of the greatest flexibility for necessary decision making, even during takeover situations.

Essential Legal Services can provide assistance with the following registration services:

  • State filing fees
  • Name availability check
  • Preparation and filing of your formation documents with the state
  • Certified copy of your Articles of Incorporation or Organization
  • Basic Operating Agreements and bylaws
  • Tax ID number obtainment (opt out for lower price if not needed)
  • Nevada registered agent service


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